The following tutorial gives a step by step guide to create a custom permission on a SharePoint site. This steps have to be followed on each site that needs to be crawled.

Any changes on the SharePoint site permission functionality may invalidate this tutorial. The following permissions were last checked on September 29th, 2021.

Step 1.

Go to Permission Levels page and click on Add a Permission Level

Step 2.

On the "Add a Permission Level" page, set a name and description for the new permission. 

Step 3.

Set the following List Permissions:

  • View Items
  • Open Items
  • View Versions
  • View Application Pages

Step 4.

Set the following Site Permissions:

  • View Web Analytics Data
  • Browse Directories
  • View Pages
  • Enumerate Permissions
  • Browse User Information
  • Use Remote Interfaces
  • Open

Step 5.

Leave the Personal Permissions unchecked and click Create.

Step 6.

Assign the new permission to the crawl account.

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