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The Group Expansion service was replaced in Aspire 5 with a Group Expansion connector, which takes the identities cached in the NoSQL database by the connectors/identity crawlers (such as Azure AD, LDAP, Confluence, etc), and expands the group memberships recursively, and stores the resulting expansion in the NoSQL databaseIt is important to notice that those expanded entities are not stored in the identity cache and that the user can add a publisher on the Workflow to store them, so it can be picked by the external search application to perform security trimming on search results.  For more information on how this works, please check the Group Expansion Connector documentation.

Can Aspire support containerization?

Aspire 5 provides an official docker image so it can easily be used in deployments on container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes. See Kubernetes Deployments and Quickstart Guide with Docker (HTTPS)

Does Aspire need a License?