Why do the queries return only one document per page instead of the amount specified on the page size?

When a Salesforce SOQL statement selects a number of large fields (such as two or more custom fields of type long text), Salesforce may return fewer records than defined in the page size in order to control the overall response payload size. The reduction in page size also occurs when dealing with base64 encoded fields (or blob fields), such as the Body. Remove these fields from the query if you want Salesforce to returns the number of rows specified on the page size.

Why does the number of groups crawled differ from the number of groups showed in the UI?

This is because Salesforce treats users roles as a type of group, so they are stored in the same table as the other groups. To check the user roles go to Manage Users/Roles section of the setup page. 

Why am I not getting the follower ACL for a chatter user?

The Salesforce connector specifies the scope of the users that will be retrieved for ACL information during the crawl, make sure the user is part of the connector scope.


Why does an incremental crawl last as long as a full crawl?

Some connectors perform incremental crawls based on snapshot entries, which are meant to match the exact documents that have been indexed by the connector to the search engine. On an incremental crawl, the connector fully crawls the repository the same way as a full crawl, but it only indexes the modified, new or deleted documents during that crawl.

For a discussion on crawling, see Full & Incremental Crawls.

Save your content source before creating or editing another one

Failing to save a content source before creating or editing another content source can result in an error.

ERROR [aspire]: Exception received attempting to get execute component command com.accenture.aspire.services.AspireException: Unable to find content source

Save the initial content source before creating or working on another.

My connector keeps the same status "Running" and is not doing anything

After a crawl has finished, the connector status may not be updated correctly.  

To confirm this, do the following:

1. In Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo), go to your connector database (like: aspire-nameOfYourConnector).

2. Open the "Status" collection and perform the following query:


3, Edit the entry and set the status to "S" (Completed). 

Note:  To see the full options of "Status" values, see MongoDB Collection Status.

My connector is not providing group expansion results

Make sure your connector has a manual scheduler configured for Group Expansion.

1, Go to the Aspire debug console, and look for the respective scheduler (in the fourth table: Aspire Application Scheduler).

2. If you are unsure which scheduler is for Group Expansion, you can check the Schedule Detail.

    • You can identify it with the value: cacheGroups

3.To run the Group Expansion process, click Run.


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