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Aspire uses a number of open source components, as described in the table below.

Component NameVersionHome websiteLicense
@angular/flex-layout (custom 10.0.0-beta.32)10.0.0-beta.32 License
@material-extended/mde3.0.3 License
adal4j1.2.0 License 2.0
Aether Implementation1.7 Public License 1.0
ag-grid-angular24.1.0 License
ag-grid-community24.1.0 License
angular (custom 10.1.6)10.1.6 License
angular-cli - angular/angular-cli10.0.8 License
AOP Alliance (Java/J2EE AOP standard)1.0 Domain
Apache Commons Codec - commons-codec:commons-codec1.12 License 2.0
Apache Commons Compress (Custom 1.20)1.20 License 2.0
Apache Commons Configuration2.0 License 2.0
Apache Commons Daemon1.0.10 License 2.0
Apache Commons Lang3.8.1 (1) License 2.0
Apache Commons Text1.6 License 2.0
Apache Felix Framework2.0.0 License 2.0
Apache FtpServer Core1.0.6 License 2.0
Apache HttpClientrel-v4.5.12 (5) License 2.0
Apache HttpComponents Core4.4.13 License 2.0
Apache Nutch2.0 License 2.0
Apache Tika - org.apache.tika:tika1.20 License 2.0
Apache Tika core1.20 License 2.0
Apache-Jakarta JXPath1.3 License 2.0
AWS SDK For Java Core (custom 1.11.904)1.11.904 License 2.0
Bootstrap3.3.1 License
Commons IOrel-commons-io-2.7 License 2.0
cron-parser (custom 3.5.0)3.5.0 License
cronstrue (custom 1.114.0)1.114.0 License
Font-Awesome4.3.0 License
Font-Awesome (Custom 4.3.0 SIL)4.3.0 Open Font License 1.1
google-gson2.8.6 License 2.0
Graphik Web Fonts (custom)-
Commercial Type Font License
Groovy - org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-docgenerator2.1.3 License 2.0
Guava (Google Common Libraries)30.1-jre License 2.0
j2objc1.3 License 2.0
jackson-corejackson-core-2.12.0-rc2 License 2.0
jackson-databindjackson-databind-2.12.0-rc2 License 2.0
jansi - fusesource/jansijansi-project-1.10 License 2.0
Java Architecture for XML Binding - javax.xml.bind:jaxb-api2.4.0-b180830.0359 Development and Distribution License 1.1
Java Servlet API2.5.0 Development and Distribution License 1.1
Java Servlet API2.4.0 Development and Distribution License 1.1
Javax Annotation API (custom 1.3.1)1.3.1 Development and Distribution License 1.0
Jersey2.22.2 (1) Development and Distribution License 1.1
jersey-client1.5 Development and Distribution License 1.1
Jetty :: Server Core9.4.3.v20170317 License 2.0
Jetty :: Servlet Handling9.4.3.v20170317 License 2.0
jquery - jquery/jquery2.1.3 License
jquery - jquery/jquery1.6.1 License
JSon encoder / decoder (custom 1.3b)1.3b License
JSON In Java (custom 20190722)20190722 License
json-simple1.1 License 2.0
json-smart-v12.3 License 2.0
license4j-runtime-library (custom 4.6.9)4.6.9 End User License Agreement
lodash (Custom 4.17.21)4.17.21 License
lodash-es (Custom 4.17.21)4.17.21 License
material-design-icons3.0.1 License 2.0
mpalourdio/ng-http-loader8.0.0 License
ngx-monaco-editor9.0.0 License
Nimbus-JOSE-JWT8.20.1 License 2.0
normalize.css8.0.1 License
org.osgi.core4.2.0 License 2.0
OSGi R4 Core Bundle1.4.0 License 2.0
pac4j4.2.0 License 2.0
Plexus Project - Plexus Utils1.5.15 License 2.0
quartz - quartz-scheduler/quartz2.1.1 License 2.0
Rome1.12.0 License 2.0
rxjs (Custom 6.6.7)6.6.7 License 2.0
SLF4J API Module1.7.30http://www.slf4j.orgMIT License
SLF4J LOG4J-12 Binding1.7.30http://www.slf4j.orgMIT License
SLF4J Simple Binding1.7.30 License
Spring Web (custom 5.1.4.RELEASE)5.1.4.RELEASE License 2.0
tslib (Custom 2.3.0)2.3.0 Zero Clause License
UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java5.1.1 License 2.0
VT Crypt Library2.1.4 License 2.0
VT Dictionary Libraries3.0 License 2.0
VT Password Libraries3.1.2 License 2.0
xml-js1.6.11 License
zone.js (Custom 0.10.3)0.10.3 License
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