This guide will help when migrating existing workflows from Aspire 4 distributions into the newest 5.0 format. 

There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Manually re-create the workflow in Aspire 5 UI
    1. Does not require to understand the internals of the workflow configuration structure
    2. Easier to do, as the 5.0 Workflow UI experience is similar to that of 4.
  2. Convert the old workflow.xml files into 5 REST Requests to create the same structure.
    1. Requires an in-depth understanding of how to configure the new Workflow configuration in 5.0 and the old format.
    2. Can be automated.

This guide focuses on Manually creating a workflow configuration from an existing Aspire 4 one (Option 1)

General concepts

Aspire 4 and 5 workflows have the same principles: Configure "rules" sequentially inside workflow "events".

  • rule
    • A Rule is a stage that would be executed, may contain other rules. Can be a groovy script or an Application (such as a Publisher)
  • event ("plans" in Aspire 4)
    • Is a container of sequential rules. Each workflow has five different events where rules can be assigned:
      • onScan (After Scan in Aspire 4)
      • onAddUpdate
      • onDelete
      • onPublish
      • onError
    • Additionally Aspire 5 has the following extra events used for identity crawls only:
      • onIdentity
      • onIdentityError

Manually re-create the workflow in Aspire 5.0 UI

You will need to have access to both Aspire 4 and Aspire 5 User interfaces, so you can copy the configuration across instances.

Step 1. Create a new Workflow in Aspire 5

Step 2. For each event type in the list

  1. Select the corresponding "plan" in the Aspire 4.0 workflow
  2. Open each rule in the 4 workflow to see its properties
  3. Go back to Aspire 5 workflow and find the same rule/application and drag-n-drop it into the "event" rule list, in the desired order
  4. Configure the same properties as the corresponding rule in Aspire 4

2. Select Event type

2. Select Event Type

2.2 Copy rule/application properties

2.4 Configure the properties appropriately