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The OSGi Web Console

The OSGi web console can be accessed via http://localhost:50505/osgi . It is also available as a link on the top-right corner of the standard Aspire interface.

The standard username/password is admin/admin. Both can be changed in the Settings Configuration (Aspire 2) file.

To Remove the OSGi Web Console

You may wish to remove the OSGi Web Console completely. You may want to do this because:

  • The OSGi Web Console admin password cannot be encrypted on disk.
  • The OSGi Web Console represents another admin access method.
  • The OSGi Web Console is not needed or used that much in a production system.

If this is the case, simply remove the "org.apache.felix.webconsole.jar" file from the "bundles/system" directory in your distribution.

Telnet Access to OSGi

You can also access Aspire using the Telnet protocol on the (default) port 6666.

For example, you can use PuTTY, select "telnet" as the protocol, enter 6666 as the host, and enter "localhost" (or whatever your server name is).

Telnet access provides basic Apache Felix controls, such as shutting down the server, installing and uninstalling bundles, etc.

To Remove Telnet Access

Remove the "" file from the "bundles/system" directory in your distribution.