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You may encounter situations in which Aspire needs to be run under constrained environments. Such environments often restrict access to the outside world by a proxy configuration.

If Aspire is deployed on a server which is behind a proxy, read the following information on how to configure this so Aspire operates normally (as far as the proxy permits; you may also want to check Creating Distributions for Machines with No Internet Access).

Maven Proxy Configuration

To be able to run the distribution and components archetypes, you will need to configure your Maven installation to use a proxy.

Set the proxy settings as documented here.

Aspire Proxy Configuration

Configure Maven Remote Repositories Only

If you only need the proxy to access remote repositories (to fetch component updates), you can do this in the settings file.

This affects only communications to the configured Maven repositories and allows Aspire to behave normally with respect to all other tasks.

Configure Java Virtual Machine

To make Aspire run through a proxy, add the following JVM options to bin/startup.bat or bin/

-DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=proxyIP -DproxyPort=proxyPort

Set proxyIP and proxyHost to the values provided by your IT administrator.

Notice that by doing this, all outgoing communications will go through the proxy. This may cause Aspire to behave oddly if your proxy is not permissive enough (for example, the System Administration user interface may not display connector properties).

Remember to restart Aspire after making this change.