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This guide shows how to add encrypted passwords to configured Maven repositories in Aspire.


  1. Go to ASPIRE_HOME.
  2. Run bin\createMaster.bat if no Master file exists yet.

    This will create a Master key file that is used to encrypt/decrypt all passwords in the system.

  3. Run bin\encryptPassword.bat.

    This will prompt for the password (not yet encrypted) and a property name. Creates a property in config\settings.xml with the encrypted password. Enter "MavenPassword" as property name.

  4. Go to config\settings.xml and find <properties> section. Then copy the value of "MavenPassword" property to the password element in the remote repositories section of your settings file.


Copy "MavenPassword" value:

   <property name="solrServer">http://localhost:8983</property>
   <property name="autoStart">false</property>
   <property name="crawlDataBase">data/crawler</property>
   <property name="ccdBase">data</property>
   <property name="MavenPassword">encrypted:DBB5E9F74682492A265029B07E7E5474</property>


   <repository type="maven">

See Password Encryption for more details.