The Admin UI features a Log in page that appears after you configure administrator security access for Aspire.

Aspire does not require administrator security access; it can run in Anonymous mode.

Enable the Login Page

The Log in page will appear after you configure a security type option (ConfigFile or LDAP). The configuration for these types of security can be found in the Admin UI Authentication.

 Security configuration is set in None by default.

Username and Session

Without security

To use the default Aspire without security, an Anonymous user appears with no Sign out option.

  • Aspire is not using any security to validate the user who accesses Aspire.
  • This session will never expire.







Anonymous - Indicates that there is no security verification for the active user.

With security

After signing into Aspire, a username appears with a Sign out option.

  • The session will last as long as the web page is active.
  • If the web page is inactive for more than thirty minutes, the session expires and the user needs to log in again.







Username - Shows the name of the current user logged into Aspire for this session.

Sign out - Ends the current session and returns to the Log in page.