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The SMTP connector will process e-mails send to it.

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Some of the features of the SMTP connector include:

  • E-mail processing
  • Attachment processing

Content Retrieved

The SMTP connector retrieves several types of documents. Listed below are the inclusions and exclusions of these documents.


  • E-mails


Due to design implementation, the SMTP connector has the following limitations:

  • Distributed crawling
    • Due the nature of the SMTP library, distributed crawling is not supported.
  • Traditional Full/Incremental crawling
    • The connector works by setting up an SMTP that will listen to incoming e-mails and send them to Aspire for processing.
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    • All of the incoming e-mails are assumed to be public.

Future Development Plan

The are currently no features to be implemented in the near future.

Anything we should add? Please let us know.

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