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The Kinesis connector fetches data from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

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Some of the features of the Kinesis connector:

  • Support for incremental and full crawling (with limitations, see below)
  • Configurable starting point for data retrieval. Starting position can be specified using timestamps or sequence numbers
  • Is search engine independent. The content retrieved can be published by Aspire to any search engine
  • Runs from any machine that has access to Amazon Kinesis 

Content Retrieved

The Kinesis connector publishes all the data available with each record:

  • Data (as text)
  • Approximate arrival timestamp
  • Sequence number
  • Shard ID
  • Partition key


Due to API limitations and the nature of Kinesis Data Streams itself, the Kinesis connector has the following limitations:

  • Due to the streaming nature of the data, crawls (whether full or incremental) run continuously without end, unless paused/stopped or when the shards that were picked up at the start of the crawl are closed due to a reshard operation.
  • Kinesis Data will be fetched as text data only.
  • Cannot adapt to resharding. To get all the data you will have to restart the crawl after a reshard operation.
  • Cannot keep track of expired (trimmed) messages. This means that the connector is unable to post update or delete operations to publishers.
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