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Version of Lotus Notes Required

The Aspire Lotus Notes connector was created and tested using version 5.8.3.

Before installing the Lotus Notes connector, make sure that the Lotus Domino server  is up and running.

On this page:

User Account Requirements 

In order to access Lotus Notes an user account with sufficient privileges must be supplied. It is recommended the account be at least an administrator level account.

Also, the account must have set an Internet Password, this is to enable the user to browse Notes via internet.

Windows or Linux

The Lotus Notes connector run on either Windows or Linux.

An HTTP protocol which must be enabled on the Domino Server, in order to communicate with the connector

 The Domino server must be configured with the following:

  • Connections over HTTP enabled with an open TCP/IP port.
  • Remote Java / Domino IIOP server must be installed and assigned an open port.

These servers should be started and running automatically if Lotus Notes is up and running. These are required for the Aspire Lotus Notes Connector to successfully connect with the Lotus Domino server to be indexed.

Lotus Notes Access Control List Requirement

To obtain consistent security information from a Domino Server, the server's Access Control List (ACL) must be configured in such a way that Database or Document ACL are a subset of the server's ACL.

This means that it is required that Databases or Documents, in their Access Control List options, do not have allow access entries to users or groups which do not have server access rights. This is required to avoid unauthorized members to access crawled information once it has been published to a search engine. 


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