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The Service Now connector will crawl content from Service Now. 

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Some of the features of the Service Now connector include:

  • Supported elements retrieval using the RESTful API
  • BASIC authentication supported

Content Retrieved

The Service Now connector retrieves several types of documents, listed below are the inclusions and exclusions of these documents.


  • Knowledge Articles and Attachments 
  • Catalog Items and Attachments


Due to API limitations, Service Now connector has the following limitations:

  • Only public Catalog Items will be crawled.
  • Only public Knowledge Articles are retrieved by the connector.
    • We support ACLs only for Knowledge Articles using the Knowledge Criteria, this means we add the Knowledge Base id as ACL for each document, then using Group Expansion we extract the list of users that are allow to access the particular Knowledge Base.
    • Due time constraints the security support for other content was postponed for a later release.

Future Development Plan

The following features are not currently implemented, but are on the development plan:

  • Non public knowledge articles retrieval.

Anything we should add? Please let us know.

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