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Before Beginning: Add/Create User Account

A prerequisite for crawling Socialcast is to have a Socialcast account. This account should have sufficient permissions to crawl documents for indexing. So it should have access to all the groups (including private groups) that you want to crawl. Yo may add an existing user account or create new one. If you are creating new one the recommended name for this account is "aspire_crawl_account" or something similar.

The username and password for this account will be required below.

Set Socialcast Access Rights

The "aspire_crawl_account" will need to have sufficient access rights to read all of the documents in Socialcast that you wish to crawl.

To set the rights for your "aspire_crawl_account", do the following:

  1. Log into the Socialcast as an administrator.
  2. Click on Settings icon next to your user name (in the top of the right hand) and select admin settings.
  3. In the left hand side menu click on ‘User Management’ under ‘Community Management’.
  4. Select "aspire_crawl_account" (Assume you have already set up this user).
  5. Click on Actions icon for "aspire_crawl_account" and click ‘Edit’
  6. Under User type click on Member
  7. To add this user as an Admin, check Admin checkbox.
  8. Now this user is an Admin now and have Full Control (so that it has access to all Socialcast content).
  9. Add newly created admin user account to all the groups that you want to crawl.

You may skip step 1 to 6 if you want to add an existing account. You will need this login information later in these procedures, when entering properties for your Socialcast Connector.

Version of Socialcast required

The Aspire Socialcast connector was created and tested using a Socialcast Community version 2-95-3 with REST API.

Before installing the Socialcast Connector, make sure that:

  • Socialcast Community is up and running.
  • You have a Socialcast user login with sufficient permissions to crawl documents for indexing (recommended Full Control).
  • Your account should have access to all the groups (including private groups) that you want to crawl.

You will need the user login later, as part of installing the Socialcast Connector.

Windows or Linux

The Aspire Socialcast connector can run on either Windows or Linux. It uses the REST API over HTTP or HTTPS to communicate with Socialcast.

The API service should be started and running automatically if Socialcast is up and running. These are required for the Aspire Socialcast Connector to successfully connect with the Socialcast docbase that you want to index.

Java Development Kit (JDK)

We need Java Development Kit (JDK) to run Aspire Socialcast connector. Please check JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables to make sure Aspire running on JDK not JRE.







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