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Step 1. Launch Aspire and Open the Content Source Management page

Launch Aspire (if it's not already running). See:

Step 2. Add a new Content Source

  • For this step, follow the steps from the Configuration Tutorial for the connector of your choice. For more information, see Connector list.
  • Note: Make sure the "Disable Text extraction" box on Advanced Properties is checked.

Step 3. Add a new Tesseract OCR application to the Workflow

To add a Tesseract OCR application, drag from the Tesseract OCR rule in the Workflow Library and drop to the Workflow Tree where you want to add it. This will automatically open the Tesseract OCR window for application configuration.

Step 3a. Specify Application Information

 In the Tesseract OCR window, specify the information to set up the application.

  1. Tesseract executable file path
    • Location to the tesseract executable file.
      Note: In Windows, only the program name can be put here if tesseract is part of the path.
  2. Page segmentation mode:
    • Page segmentation mode to be used during OCR execution.
      See link for more information.
  3. Languages to detect:
    • Languages used for the OCR execution.
    • The order of the languages affect the output. See here.
      Note: Before using a language, the language training data must be installed.
  4. Process timeout:
    • Time in milliseconds to wait before killing the tesseract process.
  5. Accept patterns:
    • Regex to be matched against the document URL if it will be processed by the application.
  6. Debug:
    • Enable debug messages.

After you click Add, it will take a moment for Aspire to download all of the necessary components (the Jar files) from the Maven repository and load them into Aspire. When that's done, the publisher will appear in the Workflow Tree.

For details on using the Workflow section, see the Workflow introduction.