The Aspire 4.0 (Hawthorn) User Interface (UI) is a lightweight, single-page application using AngularJS by Google.

  • This allows the interface to be faster, cleaner, and more responsive.
  • Aspire implements a Dynamic XML Forms (DXF) Open DXF library, which is an angular-based component that generates the configuration for all of the components that are available in Aspire.


The Admin UI contains the following features.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive design - Accommodates various resolutions from large desktops to small mobile devices.
  • Lightweight - Admin UI is designed for speed and to be lightweight.
  • Browser compatibility - Supports most major browsers including Safari, IE10+, Chrome, FF, and Opera. See Browser Compatibility.
  • Server connection detection - Constantly checks connectivity with the server to notify you when there's an issue with the connection.
  • Real time configuration validation - Uses Dynamic XML Forms (DXF) Open DXF so the component configuration implements various validations.
  • Aspire component independence - As its own component, the Admin UI fixes, updates, and upgrades without affecting Aspire code.