Installing the Parcel and the Service into a temporary parcel repository

Download the Aspire projects from

Note: You'll need to use your Aspire credentials to download the parcel binaries. For more details in the Aspire creation account process go to: How to Access Aspire

Step 1. Unzip Binaries File

  1. Unzip the the cdh-parcel zip file of the Aspire version you need.

Step 2. Install the parcel service

  1. Copy the file named ASPIRE-4.0.jar you have downloaded in the directory /opt/cloudera/csd in the machine where the Cloudera server is installed.

Step 3. Create a temporary parcel repository

  1. A temporary parcel repository should be created following the steps inside this link 

  2. Copy the file named ASPIRE-4.0-el7.parcel on the parcel repository that you are going to use.

  3. Update/create the manifest file, this can be done using this python script with the following command:

     python ./ /path/of/parcels/repository

    This script runs on the repository server.

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