Aspire Staging Repository

A staging repository (based on Node.JS) now exists

The Staging Repository application is an intermediate repository where content can be placed after it has been extracted from a content repository. It allows for content reprocessing without having to reach back to the content repository for every processing iteration. Call Search Technologies for more details. The previous staging repository will be deprecated.

Query Processing Language (QPL)

The Query Processing Language (QPL) is a scripting language for easily constructing very complex queries.

The QPL product is not part of the Aspire Content Processing product and is licensed under a separate agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aspire Basic and Enterprise and Aspire Community (Deprecated) users - You should already have a support mechanism in place with a login to our support portal ( If you don’t know your login details, please contact your account manager.

Questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated at Aspire Support group. We’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner. For licensing information see Aspire Licensing.

Any users

Please  email us - we will reach out to you shortly. If you are a current customer, please visit the support portal.

Support Resources

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Use our Web Portal to register and track issues. This Web Portal allows us to track problems and to maintain a repository and knowledgebase for our customers.

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