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NoSQL DB provider supported by the Aspire 5.0 release:

  • Elasticsearch/Kibana versions 7.9.2

Java version supported

  • OpenJDK 11

New Features

  • New architecture under the concept of Manager and Worker nodes.

    • No need of Zookeeper.

    • Nodes properties configuration.

  • New Configuration and Control API:

    • Connections API.

    • Connectors API.

    • Credentials API.

    • Policies API.

    • Schedules API.

    • Seeds API.

    • Workflow API.

  • Security API.

  • Manager and Worker communication API.

  • Containerized deployments support:

    • Aspire 5 offers official container images for container technologies.  

  • Resources API.

  • Enhanced User Interface (UI):

    • Separated pages for Seed, Connector, Connection, Credentials, Policies, Schedules, and Workflow configuration.

    • New tools:

      • Extension Manager for custom components.

      • Groovy Playground.

      • DXF Playground.

  • Updated all 3rd party dependencies to the latest versions.

  • New sandbox QuickStart installation with Docker:

    • Easiest way to get started with Aspire.

    • Containers including Aspire, LDAP, Elasticsearch and Kibana, all secured with HTTPS.

    • Not recommended for production environments.

  • Kubernetes deployment guide:

    • Easiest way to get started with Aspire 5 in a Kubernetes environment with production recommended notes.

  • Connectors

    • File System.

    • SharePoint Online.

    • Group Expansion Connector.

    • Azure Identity Connector.

  • Publishers

    • Publish to File.

    • Publish to Elasticsearch.

Known Issues

  • Aspire Framework

    • Improve Job cleanup for idle connectors.

    • Manager source info initialization errors.

    • Nodes are not shutting down in the time expected, having ES down.

    • Throttling is being applied per Seed, when it should be applied per Policy.
  • Aspire UI

    • Seeds field should be required for any type of Schedules.

    • UI actions are limited for users with both Admin and Operator roles.

    • No redirect page for 401 message (unauthorized) accessing Aspire Debug Console.

    • Edit page for Seeds loading empty rare times.
    • Failed Documents -> Error Retry Patterns section with temporary checkbox to enable it, and it requires at least 2 items to work. 
    • Add Delete Policies to Connections UI (all connector types).
  • Connectors
    • File System
      • UncheckedExecutionException generating hierarchy info with the Index Containers option checked.

    • SharePoint Online
      • Error crawling long URLs.
  • Publishers

    • Elasticsearch

      • HTTPS option not supported for the 'Host and port' option.

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